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SUNSHINE is a European project which will develop and implement simple, robust, and cost-effective Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD) strategies for materials and products incorporating advanced multi-component nanomaterials, involving research and knowledge centres, for the benefit of large and small European industries. The user-friendly e-infrastructure of SUNSHINE will foster dialogue, collaboration, and information exchange between actors along the entire product value chain. SUNSHINE fills the gaps in our current understanding of exposure, hazard, and functionality characteristics of MCNMs, especially those arising from their unique properties and interactions. In practise, this will shorten the time for innovative nanotechnology products to reach the market.

TEMAS Solutions supports adapting the Safe Innovation Approach (SIA) to MCNMs, utilising the existing SIA e-infrastructure, creating a legacy for the SUNSHINE project. TEMAS Solutions develops an anticipatory strategy for the early identification of risks linked to MCNMs and will support the identification of policy needs to support S&SbD. In addition TEMAS Solutions will create a trusted environment where industry, regulators, researchers and other stakeholders can exchange data in an open forum beneficial to all participants.



HARMLESS is a European funded project under the H2020 scheme which aims to develop a novel, Safe Innovation Approach (SIA) for Multicomponent nanomaterials (MCNM) and high aspect ratio nanomaterials (HARNs) by integrating novel tools based on New Approach Methodologies, and based on the particulars of MCNM and HARNs. The outcome of the project will be a user friendly Decision Support System to assist both large industry and SMEs alike.

TEMAS Solutions plays a central role in HARMLESS as the partner developing a novel SIA approach which will set the bases for the Decision Support System, which will be finally tested at industrial level.  



NanoPAT is developing three novel real-time nano-characterisation Process Analytical Technologies (PAT), namely Photon Density Wave Spectroscopy (PDW), OptoFluidic force induction (OF2i) and Turbidity Spectrometry (TUS) including real-time data handling for digital process monitoring and product quality control.

TEMAS Solutions is providing guidance with their Safe and Sustainable by Design and European regulatory issues. TEMAS Solutions is also leading data management, exploitation, and standardisation efforts in the project.



The EU funded Graphene Flagship aims to fast track graphene related innovations into commercial applications by engaging major industry in targeted research and product development. The SafeGraph project, part of the Flagship, is designed to facilitate this process by evaluating the regulatory compliance of four products under development, charting the route for each product through the complex world of regulations, identifying the relevant regulations, and providing a road map for each product developer to follow to achieve regulatory compliance. While SafeGraph focusses on four case studies, the approach can be applied to any new graphene based product and the main result of the project will be a handbook for innovators to follow to ensure their product is rapidly launched, in compliance with the relevant regulations.

TEMAS Solutions as coordinator of SafeGraph is responsible for managing the team who study in detail four case studies, organising and monitoring progress of the project work and reporting to the Graphene Flagship. TEMAS Solutions is also the lead partner evaluating one of the four case study products and will provide guidelines to the manufacturer on how to ensure that their product meets regulatory requirements



Gov4Nano is a European project funded under the H2020 scheme aiming to create a Nano Risk Governance Council which will facilitate industry, regulators and other stakeholders to interact and support European nanotechnology as a global player in this sector. Together with the sister projects NANORIGO and RiskGone, a common portal is being developed with access to a range of risk assessment tools, a platform for FAIR data exchange, support to embed Safe and Sustainable by Design in product development, and guidance for regulatory compliance.

TEMAS Solutions has a key role in the development and implementation of the Nano Risk Governance  Council, being responsible for the overall business plan and council registration, as well as supporting the assessment and evaluation of risk assessment tools, the implementation of Safe by Design, and interaction with a wide range of stakeholders.



NanoInformaTIX is a European funded project under the H2020 scheme which aims to develop a web-based Sustainable Nanoinformatics Framework (SNF) for risk management of engineered nanomaterials (ENM) in industrial manufacturing. The final aim is to provide efficient user-friendly interfaces to enhance accessibility and usability of the nanoinformatics models to industry, regulators, and civil society, thus supporting sustainable manufacturing of ENM-based products

TEMAS Solutions plays a key role in the development of the Nanoinformatics Framework leading the task on sustainability of the Framework, guiding developers towards the most relevant industrial needs and business models to achieve a successful product

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